The Un-Tuneable Piano


Cracked Pin Block, Master Piano ServicesOften I’m called by a new client who has purchased a used piano and would like to have it tuned for the first time since it arrived at their home. As a best practice during the visit, my first task is to conduct a thorough inspection of the piano to determine if there are any issues that may either impact the tuning, or in general the way the piano operates.

This image above is a sad sight to come across – the extreme dry conditions that the piano has been exposed to has caused the wood holding the tuning pins (called the pin block) to severely split eliminating any chance that these tuning pins will hold the strings in tune.

In an upright piano, in most cases this spells the end for the piano. Some better quality pianos that already have a high value may be candidates for having the pin block replaced, but those are few and far between.

In simple terms: pianos are made mostly of wood and metal. Exposure to prolonged dry or high moisture conditions will have an impact on the piano. Understanding what these conditions can do requires the knowledge of a Piano Technician. If you’re looking to buy a used piano, always have a Certified Piano Technician inspect it first.

Don’t be disappointed in your purchase – call a Piano Technician FIRST.


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