Expectations of a Piano Technician

If you own a piano, or plan of purchasing one in the future, a piano technician will be your best resource for help with purchasing and maintaining your piano.
Here are some of the things you can expect from a professional piano technician:

Your piano technician…

… Will always have your best interests at heart – we care deeply about the care of these wonderful instruments, and we want to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your piano.
… Is a good listener – We not only use this skill to successfully tune your piano, we listen closely to you and your concerns.
… Will always take the time to help educate you about how the piano works and how to maintain it properly.
… Will always discuss the work required with you BEFORE doing it. Any changes that need to be done need to be discussed first so that you’ll know what to expect.
… Will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work – as with any profession, quality of the work is paramount.

Ask away!   A piano technician is always available to answer any questions – So often we are told that clients were so glad that they took the time to ask.

Lee Johnson
Master Piano Services

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