Piano Inspections and Assessments

The inspection of a piano is key to understanding it’s current condition. A technician will review it’s overall condition, and should provide a detailed assessment that highlights any issues, their causes, and recommended actions to correct them. This process should always be done by a technician during their first view of a customer’s piano.

If you require an inspection for a piano you are looking to purchase, we offer a post-inspection discount on your first tuning by Master Piano Services (see our Piano Service Rates)

“I was looking to purchase a used piano and had narrowed down my search to a piano that appeared to be in beautiful condition. Just to be safe, I contacted Lee for a pre-purchase inspection. He was very thorough and found a serious flaw in the bridge. He recommended me to not purchase this piano (thankfully) and then explained all of the key areas of inspection to me, educating me on what to look for in other pianos. He even followed up in the weeks following to see how my search was progressing. I eventually found a great used Yamaha upright based on the specific things Lee told me to look for.” – John Burns

“We were in the process of buying our piano and googled technicians in the area. Right away he made us feel comfortable in both how he helps clients and his skill set with piano’s. He helped us assess a used piano from the bottom up. Literally taking it apart at the owners home and giving us his professional assessment. Once he was satisfied that it was in good shape and only needed a badly due tuning, he helped us appraise it and negotiate the purchase. He gave us all the info we needed to negotiate in confidence.” – Glen Akselrod


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